Friday, July 27, 2012

Swim Good

So, I'm really a bit of a terrible blogger, and the only reasons I have for this are that my life is reasonably uninteresting to anyone but me and that when I'm off doing something interesting I don't exactly have the time/inclination to blog about it? Or I'm a bit tired afterward and too lazy to blog about it then? Or who knows?

At any rate, recently my life has been all about horrible sleep schedules, lots of reading and writing, and a whole ton of One Direction. To anyone and everyone that claims I have a problem: yeah, you could call it that. I'm not denying it.

I do, however, update my twitter and tumblr a good amount! So there's that to be said of me! Though generally I like to keep my tumblr to myself. Whatever.

Here's a catch up on the Life of Hope via Pictures:

Wore a while back, out to dinner with Lauren, Leslie, and Devin. Shirt: Ann Taylor; pants: American Eagle

Sandals: American Eagle

Ordered online from Thrift Books. Absolutely brilliant website and a completely beautiful book. Also: Duran Duran tour t-shirt, a pajama staple

I don't often wear hoops, so when I do, I feel the need to document it

Tank-top: Forever 21; shorts: Urban Oufitters. Wore out to the drum circle on Treasure Island.

One of the guitar picks of One Direction, gifted to me by my lovely uncle, who happens to work for the security company that supplies the Amphitheater. I can't find it at the moment, which is making me feel mildly sick to my stomach. And no, I do not want to talk about the possibility of it being permanently lost, thanks.

On the extremely comfortable bed I slept in while vacationing in the condo of the gracious Uncle Rick and Aunt Christine. We are exactly as cool in real life as we are on camera.


The best way to deal with the orthodontist is to wear nice beachy colors and pretend like you're going somewhere lovely

In which I am upset by the prospect of washing my hair and really enjoying my Aerie sports bra

Ballet has been completely fantastic and I'm so incredibly sad to see the end of it and I wish it were more days a week and I love Leslie for buying me that skirt (for other things, also, but still)

One of these fruit flavored snacks is a hammerhead, which makes sense, seeing as to how they are meant to be shaped like sharks. The other is a red blob. I want to know how a red blob got in there. Is that a sea urchin? Is there a kind of shark I do not know about that is spherical? I KNOW IT'S JUST A NORMAL DEFECT I KNOW THESE ARE ONLY STOREBRAND FRUIT SNACKS MY INTERNAL MONOLOGE IS FUNNY DON'T BE A PARTY POOPER

This is me, today, and my reaction to the fact that Melina was watching Pretty Little Liars without headphones while I was trying to write (fanfiction; don't look at me)

And that's it, that's my entire life this summer, minus all of the delightful beach/party photos that have flooded my facebook feed. You're welcome (I'm sorry).

P.S. "Swim Good" is the title of a song by Frank Ocean, and I've been listening to excessive amounts of Frank Ocean recently. You should be, too.


  1. I was just thinking about you! I really like his song Forest Gump but that is probably because it's the one I've heard Julian play multiple times. I don't think you are boring at all! I think you are wonderful! With all of my love

    1. That's because you're an unpoppable bubble of sunshine and when you get the chance you should listen to Bad Religion because it's gorgeous kind of like you xxx YLS